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August 18th 2022 | 7pm est
How To Successfully Market Your Veterinary Career or Business Online

and Avoid Stress and Negative Press.

 Why is it so important to market myself online?

Because a brand builds a reputation of trust with its following and clients. Therefore taking action is much easier when bad things happen to a good veterinary brand.

Would this even apply to me?

Believe it or not in this digital world we are all Brands. The difference is when you invest in yourself or your business your ROI is guaranteed.

I'm already super busy. How would I be able to do both?

In this webinar, Earlyn and Nicole will show you how to utilize your time to make the impact you want in your career or business.

 This FREE Webinar Starts on the 18th of August at 7PM EST
During Your Free Training, You'll Discover...
Secret #1
How to successfully build your veterinary career or business online without stress or negative press
Secret #2
How to pick the right niche for your ideal clients or career.

Secret #3
How to get your ideal clients or employer to hire you and pay premium prices with ease

  • Ever-green tactics, strategies, and frameworks on how to grow a brand on social media and turn followers into paying clients. Tried and true methods geared toward the Veterinary Industry.
  • ​Designed for Veterinary students and professionals. You can apply these tactics and strategies to make your journey easier and stress free at whatever stage you are at.
  • Guidance for Career focused branding as well as Clinic branding. Learn how to correctly display your expertise and attract ideal clients or employers with your work and journey as well as connect with industry leaders and fellow Veterinary professionals.

Webinar Presenters:

Earlyn Sharpe M.A

Prior to taking this role, Earlyn started her first business at 22. Her work in business and leadership led to the launch of 5 successful companies that earned multiple six figures in less than 12 months.

Earlyn is responsible for the department of Online Learning and Training at Kenilworth Media Inc. She oversees new professional educational offerings for our B2B audience and builds solid relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Earlyn is also responsible for designing curricula and training programs for markets and industries in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Earlyn has been an educator and entrepreneur since 1998. Her career in education has spanned most grade levels and roles in public education, such as administrator, teacher, counsellor, curriculum designer, director of pedagogy, and associate director of education.

Alumni of Concordia and McGill University, Earlyn achieved her Bachelor of Education from McGill University and a Certificate in Management From Concordia University. She returned to McGill, obtaining her Masters’s in Educational Leadership.

Nicole LaForest V.T

Nicole LaForest is a locum licensed veterinary technician in the Greater Seattle Area and has over 11 years of experience working in veterinary medicine, 8 years of that time in specialty medicine. A transplant from New York, Nicole has honed her technical skills in the Emerald City having graduated from Penn Foster College with an associate’s degree veterinary technology. To further herself as a patient advocate, Nicole went on to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in human healthcare management, and then received her master’s degree in Global Health Epidemiology. Nicole also works as a registered veterinary technician in California, and is a registered veterinary nurse in the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand.

When not working in surgery, you can find Nicole lending her expertise as a private consultant in the veterinary industry and public health community; both in the US and abroad. She spends much of her free time writing content for publication, lecturing on a variety of topics, and on social media, where you can find her on Instagram and Facebook at @veterinarytechnicians, and @nicolethevettech on TikTok.
Outside of work, Nicole is an avid traveler and takes great pleasure in working to live to her fullest. Reading, cooking, thrill-seeking and shopping are ways Nicole practices self-care, which are activities she ensures are included in her everyday life.

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