How to Work as a Veterinary Technician And Make 6+ Figures Annually

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(🗓️ November 29th 2022 @ 7pm est) - postponed!!


Nicole LaForest, Licensed Veterinary Technician and Brand Influencer at VPNextGen

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90-Minutes with a Q&A at the end

 How to start your Side Hustle even if you’re broke.
 How to use your knowledge to make additional income.
 How to find the time to build your business and maintain your job.
 How to take care of yourself first so you can be your best to care for others.


Maayan Kupershmidt Brand Ambassador and Podcast Host for VPNextGen

We regret to announce, due to unforeseen circumstances, our webinar “How to work as a Veterinary Technician and make 6+ figures annually” has been postponed until further notice.

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  • ​Webinar Workbook - From Idea to Income.

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  • Masterclass Training - Why Veterinary Technicians Matter - Learn How To Do What You Love And Earn What You’re Worth.
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Dear veterinary students and professionals,
I want to share my journey as a Veterinary Technician who has worked her way to earning 6 figures and growing.
Even if you aren't a vet-tech, as long as you are in the veterinary field, this training is for you. I've worn many hats and continue to work in various specialty departments outside of what I do in the Public Health sector.

Through the years I stumbled across something special... It was no accident, far from that. I always knew it was a unique thing to own the instagram handle @veterinarytechnicians, I may have lucked out there. But I leveraged that 'luck' and became a leader in this space.

Doesn't matter how you slice it, being the Vet-field, you are lucky that you're born in the 21st century. Now, let me show you how to leverage that luck :)